I created this Web Page in November 2011 to dispose of my vinyl record collection. I only sold a few records to individual buyers (one being from England), so in 2015 an Austin record collector expressed an interest, and I unloaded them all.
Fred's Oldies Records

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These are my oldies.....vinyl 45's and LP's from the 1950's, 60's, and 70's.....I bought some of these records over 50 years ago.....and others I acquired from various sources.....But they've all been kept with TLC.....So if you're a vinyl collector, here's your chance to purchase some great memories.
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Master Records
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Gary Young, Chuck Hatfield
and Billy Daniels
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Click Here for 45s Click Here for LPs "Let This Night Last" "Wizard of Love"

Please send all inquiries to Fred Eubank at feubank2@austin.rr.com .  All purchases must be paid for by certified check, cashiers check, or money order.  Shipping and handling in the U.S. is an additional $5, and may be more for international destinations.  When I receive your payment, I will ship the merchandise from my business address in Texas.  Full refunds are guaranteed.  All merchandise must be returned and received intact before a refund will be issued.

NOTICE:  I have not attempted to grade these records.  Upon request by email, I will send you a 30 second audio clip (WMA file) made directly from the record, and JPEG files showing the label, and the original jacket or sleeve, if I have them.  Most of my records are in very good condition, with normal clicking and static noises that come with records this age.  Many sound very good, almost like when they were new.  A few have "skips", and I have noted those.  My prices were gleaned from the following sources:
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I listened to most of these records on my favorite 1950's and 60's radio station, WGH in Newport News, VA.


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